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PrimeSoft transforms data into valuable information by providing comprehensive services in Data Management, Business Intelligence...

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PrimeSoft offers Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services which enable our clients to make better business decisions by providing access to key managers the complete up-to-date and relevant information, and necessary tools to relate and interpret with respect to the defined business objectives. Our methodology enhances visibility across the organization, helping to gain a comprehensive understanding of your operational performance and layout your strategy goals. Our state-of-the-art business intelligence capabilities and resources help to provide you effective financial decision support, maintain predictive insights and adhere to various regulatory and compliance policies.

Our services enable the organizations to develop and deploy automated information delivery systems using best-of-breed BI platforms. Our full BI & DW life-cycle services include:

BI Strategy & Roadmap (

PrimeSoft offers the services from Strategy through Implementation and delivers data management excellence through measurable, tangible benefits by allowing clients to better interact with their prospects, customers, and partners through business intelligence.

  • Align business and technology to the real opportunities to leverage information.
  • Establish a common vision for using information to run your business.
  • Protect your past and future investments through comprehensive analysis.
  • Provide conclusive, pragmatic recommendations and actionable plans.
  • Establish a consistent set of priorities across business departments and divisions and provide clear direction to your IT team.
  • Provide a clear cost/benefit rationalization for planned initiatives.

Methodology (

Our Service team uses the hub-and spoke architecture to integrate the heterogeneous data staging environment, data marts and packaged applications that already exists in the enterprise. We also follow the bottom up approach to form the data marts by functional area and build the enterprise data warehouse. Using this approach we Extract, Transform and Load the data from the source into a non persistent staging area and then into dimensional data marts that contain both atomic and summary data. The data from the various data marts are then transferred to the data warehouse and query tools are reprogrammed to request summary data from the marts and atomic data from the data warehouse. Our team is well-versed in BI/DW best practices industry wide, and can assess which methods and techniques are appropriate for your solution. Our architects and engineers understand the concepts and differences of the Kimball and Inmon approaches and will help you blend both to achieve results.

Data Warehouse (

PrimeSoft offers the Strategy, design, and implementation of data warehousing practices and solutions as it related to the creation and usage of business intelligence. Our team understands the BI initiatives and handles the entire data movement lifecycle – from source systems, staging area to the data warehouse and to the final data mart. As part of DW services, we acquire, cleanse, enhance and transform the data to prepare it for analytics, then implement and integrate the tools required for data acquisition, data warehousing and analysis.

  • Defining the data sources and relevant mapping
  • Data Extraction, Cleansing, Transformation and Loading
  • Updating monitoring and responsibility processes on source data changes
  • Ensuring accurate and efficient ETL process in production
  • Designing star, snowflake, multidimensional schemas
  • Design specific informational views, and querying, reporting, and OLAP capabilities beyond the standard reporting

Business Performance Management and Performance Scorecards (

Our service offerings on enterprise performance management aid in effective planning, forecasting, monitoring, reporting and managing the business profitability of an enterprise. The service further enables data integration from multiple source systems with integrated reporting and analysis capabilities. We help organizations automate and analyze business methodologies, metrics, processes and systems that drive business performance leading to strategic goal alignment with execution so that clients can exceed their business objectives. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) helps an organization define and measure progress toward organizational goals. KPIs are quantifiable measurements that reflect the critical success factors of an organization.

PrimeSoft provides a framework to organize, automate and analyze business practices and provide a strategy for optimum performance management. We help customers isolate and warehouse better quality data, then build and query bullet-proof cubes for multidimensional analysis and enterprise reporting. We specialize in OLAP interfaces for sales, supply chain, finance, education, customer service analysis and build intuitive delivery mechanisms to give customers a solid foundation for interactive analysis. We specialize in dashboard inter-faces that connect suppliers to vendors, vendors to partners, or executives to managers.

Executive Dashboard (

Our PrimeSoft Dashboard services provide the visibility into business activities and performance management across your organization. Using advanced technology, interactive dashboards offer metrics and analytics, alerts, and management capabilities to help you monitor and understand business activities.

Interactive dashboards solutions provide the features of:

  • Easily integrate dashboards with your existing IT reporting strategy and data sources
  • Efficiently and effectively monitor all relevant key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Track actionable benchmarks by functional elements
  • Access detailed forecast, budgets, workforce, AR, and financial analyses
  • Drilldown analytics from summery level to details
  • Access hierarchical views for different management levels

Technologies used (

PrimeSoft transforms data into valuable information by providing comprehensive services in Data Management, Business Intelligence, Data Quality, and Data Integration.The tools we use in this service oriented ETL framework are Informatica, AbInitio, Datastage, Oracle Warehouse builder, SQL Server Integration Services on databases such as Oracle, Teradata, MS SQL Server, Sybase IQ and DB2 UDB. As part of Analytical architecture, we define and develop OLAP cubes and maintain them. From the cubes developed or from the DWH or ODS, we are capable of building analytical reports, which may be standard or adhoc. Tools such as SAP Business Objects, SAP Crystal Presentation Design (Xcelsius), SAP Crystal reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Oracle BI, Cognos are used in our Service Oriented BI framework.

Operational Support (

Our Operational support services enable to realize the current and future information needs by helping to build a future ready business intelligence platform to the enterprise and evolution of existing Business Intelligence solutions. Business Intelligence services include maintenance and support as well as enhancements ranging from day to day fixes to large scale activities like tool / platform migration, BI tool upgrade, Security audit, system re-architecture and consolidation.

When enterprise business intelligence solutions are implemented, organizations are able to efficiently and cost effectively transform distributed, heterogeneous, non-uniform data from various disparate sources into useable information. The Business Intelligence solution then drives the mission critical decisions for your organization.

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